Beyond Coping: Finding Your Way Forward

Cover of 'Beyond Coping’

Bring about changes you want during and after the COVID-19 pandemic

Authors: Ben Scott, A. Biba Rebolj and Greg Oberbeck

Beyond Coping: Finding Your Way Forward is not a conventional self-help book. It is a tale of a normal person having a series of off-beat conversations with people they come across over a single day. These conversations are made up of distinctive stories and unconventional questions. Readers start on their way towards stronger mental health as soon as they consider their own answers to the questions in this book. It is a beautiful story with a nugget of wisdom on every page.

Although it is based on Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, the conversational form of Beyond Coping: Finding Your Way Forward means any reader can make the most of it without being the kind of person who turns to therapy, counselling or even traditional self-help books.

It is of tremendous help to those struggling with uncertainty and stress, and the lessons it delivers will be relevant to how they manage their lives now and in the future.

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21 pages from the book in PDF format.