Solution-Focused Schools

Anti-Bullying and Beyond

Author: Sue Young

Published: BT Press

A powerful set of ground-breaking principles and strategies to transform the whole educational approach to dealing with bullying. Packed with real life examples of pivotal conversations providing a step by step road-map to positive change.

Yasmin Ajmal:
Young people are a woefully underused resource, with boundless energy and the best instincts to find their way through the maze of growing up.
Sue Young’s work draws on the talents and values that already exist in
each school. This lucid and practical set of ideas will be of interest to anyone who wants to ensure that schools are safe and nurturing places for our children.

Kerstin Måhlberg & Maud Sjöblom:
Sue Young is breaking new ground, taking the solution-focused approach one step further by applying it to achieving potential, rather than just to solving problems.

Solution-Focused Schools: Anti-Bullying and Beyond provides a powerful set of principles and strategies that will transform the whole educational approach to dealing with bullying. We are enchanted by the simplicity and astounded by the outcomes. We appreciate the clear step-bystep explanations.

The overwhelming majority of pupils want a peaceful, safe and happy place to learn. Every parent wants their child to be safe in school. This programme works in that direction.

Sue Young’s book needs to be read by anyone interested in being in the forefront of the development of solution-focused schools.

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Downloadable Sample

You can download the introduction and part of the first chapter (27 Pages, 208K) here. The sample is in Adobe Acrobat(PDF) format. To view PDFs you may need to install the software from Adobe.