Becoming a Solution Detective

A Guide to Brief Therapy

Authors: Melissa Darmody, Brendan Madden and John Sharry

Published: January 2002

Topics: Brief Therapy

Encouraging the reader to become a ‘solution-detective’ and to look for ‘clues’ to success in their own practice, this is a practical and accessible guide for therapists, counsellors and other professionals interested in making their practice solution focused and effective in a short time frame.

Drawing on the insights of solution-focused therapy (SFT) and other strengths-based therapies, Becoming a Solution Detective is full of case examples, exercises and role plays, designed to build on your strengths as a practitioner.

The aim of the book is not to overcomplicate the essence of psychotherapy with extra theory or overly abstract ideas but rather to demystify the process, making the ideas accessible and relevant to all. The benefits of a solution-focused approach to problem-solving far extend beyond the limits of psychotherapy and counselling, and this approach has much to contribute to arenas such as education, personal development, conflict resolution, organisational consultancy and life management.

Becoming a Solution Detective is ideal for individual study and for use on courses in a wide range of fields including social work, counselling, therapy, psychology and nursing.

The three authors co-founded the Brief Therapy Group in Dublin, Ireland. This is a psychotherapy, training and consultation service and a leading provider of Brief Therapy training and consultation to professionals. This book distils the insights of their training approach into an accessible guide to practice.

“It is not easy to write a good hands-on book about solution focused therapy, which is precisely what the authors have managed to do. You will enjoy reading this book very much. It gives you enough ideas about the approach that you can actually start testing them in your work with clients right away.”
Ben Furman, Director, Reteaming International
Author ‘Solution Talk’ (2001 with Tapani Ahola)‘It’s Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood’, ‘Picketpockets on a Nudist Camp ­ The Systemic Revolution in Psychotherapy’ and ‘Solution Stories’.

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Downloadable Sample

You can download the introduction and part of the first chapter (27 Pages, 208K) here. The sample is in Adobe Acrobat(PDF) format. To view PDFs you may need to install the software from Adobe.