Beyond Survival

Living Well is the Best Revenge

Authors: Yvonne Dolan

Published: BT Press

Topics: Brief Therapy

For all those survivors who wonder when they will finally ‘feel good,’ the answer is now. Beyond Survival reminds us that living well is the best revenge and provides the knowledge and tools to fully embrace life. Readers of this book will find help in: Moving Beyond Survivorhood, Enjoying the Present, Creating a Joyous Future, Responding to Life’s Challenges and How to Start a Small Steps Support Group.

Yvonne Dolan is an experienced solution focused brief therapist and Ericksonian hypnotherapist from Denver. Her writing blends wisdom, humour and practicality with modesty and warmth. Her 1991 publication, Resolving Sexual Abuse, is one of the most valuable contributions to the field, full of useful ideas and techniques for therapists helping those recovering from traumatic past events.

In this book Yvonne refines some of her older techniques and introduces many new ones. It is a mine of information written in a clear, non-jargon style that makes it easy for anyone – clients and professionals alike – to use.

The chapter on support groups is a particularly rich resource for both clients and workers in providing exercises for group members both individually and collectively, that will enhance the cohesion of the group and empower the individuals within it.

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Downloadable Sample

You can download the introduction (20 Pages, 130K) here. The sample is in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. To view PDFs you may need to install the software from Adobe.